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Council on American-Islamic Relations

The Washington-based advocacy group challenges stereotypes about Islam and Muslims and aims to provide an Islamic perspective on matters of public importance to Americans. Note the hyphen in the name and that it is the Council on, not ofCAIR is acceptable on second reference.

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lay person

A member of the laity, rather than the clergy. The terms lay person and lay people are each two words. Layman and laywoman, however, are each one word.

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LDS church

Acceptable on second reference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Lowercase church when using the shortened term.

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No hyphen.

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A person who questions or rejects the idea of a personal God or gods. The word is sometimes used as an umbrella term for agnostics, atheists and secularists; it can also include those who believe in a nonpersonal god — for example, deists.

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